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Pullen Consulting, Inc.

3662 W. Cromwell Dr.
Tucson, AZ  85741

(520) 579-1206


 Pullen Family Line
from the 1600's

Peter Pullen - Born 1585

Peter Pullen - Born 1603
Married: Magdalen

John Pullen - Born June 15, 1625 in England
Married: Grace

John Pullen - Born about 1650's in England
Married: Anstis Dabney October 24, 1682 in 
Widworthy Parish, (Devon) England

Nicholas Pullen - Born about 1683 in England
(Apparently stowed away on a ship to get to the America's)
Married: Mary Tucker 1/19/1709 in Rehoboth, MA  
Deceased before 6/24/1723

William Pullen - Born 12/13/1713 in Rehoboth, MA
Married: Naoma Bucklin 12/6/1739 in Rehoboth, MA
Deceased 6/26/1791 Guilford, MA

Nicholas Pullen - Born 9/4/1742 in Smithfield, RI
Married: Mary Jenckes 10/14/1764 in Smithfield, RI
Deceased 3/28/1806

1776 United States of America Independence

Nicholas Pullen - Born 8/2/1779 in Guildford, VT
Married: Sarah Cooper 11/17/1803 in Hanover, NJ
Deceased 1/7/1843 Sodus, NY

William Pullen - Born 6/26/1805 in Phelps, NY
Married: Nancy Taylor Field 1/24/1830
Married: Laura Gellson 6/2/1881 in Allegan, MI
Deceased 1/8/1883 Allegan, MI

(Start of the Pullen Bible)

William Wells Pullen - Born 3/29/1835 in Sodus, NY
Married: Bethiah Osborn 10/14/1863 in Watson, MI
Deceased July 1913 Otsego, MI

Dr. Charles Dwight Pullen - Born 8/20/1864 in Allegan, MI
Married: Clara French 10/12/1892 in Otsego, MI
Deceased 8/1940 Bay City, MI

Dwight French Pullen - Born 1/13/1896 in Mt. Pleasant, MI
Married: Marie Krueger 3/22/1922 in St.Ignace, MI (1946 Krueger photos)
Deceased 1/21/1978

Dr. Charles William Pullen - Born 11/9/1925 in Ann Arbor, MI
Married: Adavern Waas in Dallas, TX
Deceased 2/22/2013 Tucson, AZ

Keith Howard Pullen - Born 1954 in Tucson, AZ
Married: Susan Maki 1986 in Manti, UT

Weslin Charles Pullen - Born 1989 in Tucson, AZ
Married: Nicole Everhard 2013 in Tucson, AZ

to be continued...



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