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Pullen Consulting, Inc.

3662 W. Cromwell Dr.
Tucson, AZ  85741

(520) 579-1206


Website Changes / News

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  

Added a Waas page with several of Grandpa Bennie's recordingsnew.gif (928 bytes)(6/21/2021)

Added a page honoring Darrell A Waas. Killed in action in WWII on April 5, 1945.  19 years old. new.gif (928 bytes)(6/20/2021)

Added Carport morph to Keith's Morphs page. new.gif (928 bytes)(1/18/2019)

Added a Family Christmas Card album and my Dad's Christmas Cards.
new.gif (928 bytes)(12/16/2015)

Added a FantaMorph page with some of Keith's Morphs.  Fun!

Blackett's Ridge Hike pictures in the Pullen Family Web Album.

In Memory of Charles William Pullen, MD
November 9, 1925 - February 22, 2013

Offsite Links  Updated.gif (979 bytes) (1-26-2013) 
A link to the Catalina High School Reunion class of 1973 was added to our Offsite Links page. www.CHS73.org 

Kami & Trista singing the USA National Anthem at the Arizona Diamondbacks game. new.gif (928 bytes)(7-22-2010)

Adam & Kami's wedding pictures are now available in the Pullen Family Web Album. new.gif (928 bytes)(6-24-2010)

More information was added to help with running Pinewood Derby races. Check the Pinewood Resources page. Updated.gif (979 bytes)(1-13-2010)

We've added a few more photo albums to the Pullen Family Albums page. Redwood Forest trip and Roberta's wedding. Updated.gif (979 bytes) (8-17-2008)

Young's Farm in Dewey Arizona has moved to Paulina, Oregon. They now have a new website at www.BlueMtnRanch.com    (Feb-2007 )

Lynn's Inn is now the England House Bed and Breakfast. (1-2-2006)

Weslin's 6th Grade Science Project about Faster Pinewood Derby Cars won two 1st place awards. (1-29-2002)

Added a link to the Waas Reunion June 2002 Photo Album (11-26-2002 )

Added Cammie's Girl in the Water poem  (2-13-2002 )

Added a link to the Pullen's Misc. Photo Album Updated.gif (979 bytes) (3-30-2001)

The Young's Farm web site has been updated and is now listed on our Offsite page. Updated.gif (979 bytes) (5-13-2000)

Email Hoaxes (4-17-2000)
If you've received email from someone telling you that you should forward it to everyone you know, you may want to send them a link to this page.

Pullen Consulting Services Updated.gif (979 bytes) (4-4-2000)

More Pullen Family Updated.gif (979 bytes) (10-7-99)
Added more pictures of the 99 reunion at Lake Tahoe from Ruth, Dad, Carol and Donna.
Pullen Family  (8-1-99)
Pullen family reunion at Lake Tahoe, July 20-23, 1999.
Carol (8-1-99)
Carols world famous Name poem.
Training kids to kill  (6-23-99)
A military expert on the psychology of killing explains how today's media conditions kids to pull the trigger.
Lynn's Inn Updated.gif (979 bytes) (7-30-99)
Lynn's Inn (the old Pullen house) in Historic Downtown Flagstaff is now a Bed & Breakfast.
Offsite Links  Updated.gif (979 bytes) (11-16-99) 
These are other sites of interest to us that may also be of interest to you.
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