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Pullen Consulting, Inc.

3662 W. Cromwell Dr.
Tucson, AZ  85741

(520) 579-1206


Pullen Consulting, Inc. is a family owned company based in Tucson, Arizona. We offer a wide variety of consulting services including: website development;  small to mid-size office and home computer networks;  network and phone wiring systems;  residential construction; and rental property.  

Keith Pullen started contracting in 1986 and moved more into the computer industry in 1989 with the installation, maintenance and administration of NetWare and NT networks.  Currently back to mostly General residential contracting.  Building houses, remodeling, and general maintenance and repairs.

Some of our in-house credentials are:

  • Pullen Consulting, Inc.  Established Sept. 9, 1998
  • Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)   January 1997
  • Core Technologies of MS Exchange Server, January 1997
  • Microsoft Certified Professional #19941 (MCP)  April 1995
  • Plumbing/Solar Contractor, 086750 R-37  since June 1990
  • General Residential Building Contractor, 065756 B August 1986
  • Pullen Properties Established August 1982

Our goal is to use our skills to facilitate in the implementation and maintenance of reliable and efficient technologies to enable you to reach your goals and perform your duties more effectively.

Keith Pullen

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