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Pullen Consulting, Inc.

3662 W. Cromwell Dr.
Tucson, AZ  85741

(520) 579-1206


Our goal is to use our skills to facilitate in the implementation and maintenance of reliable and efficient technologies to enable you to reach your goals and perform your duties more effectively.

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Pullen Consulting, Inc.  Established 9/9/1998

Small Business Website Development

There are three basic costs associated with having your own web page.

  1. Domain name registration *(optional)
  2. Website hosting
  3. Web page design and maintenance

Domain name registration:     (Approx: $70 for 2 years domain registration is available.  No mark up.)  You can also register a domain name yourself at someplace like GoDaddy.com.

*Note: You do not have to register a domain name in order to have a web site.  Your site can be accessed though our domain name by adding your name after it.  www.PullenInc.com/yourname/ will bring up your site.  There is no extra charge for this.

Website hosting:  We generally charge $150 per year to host your site.  Our sites are hosted at GoDaddy, an ISP here in Tucson. 

Web page design and maintenance:  This is the part that can vary widely depending on what you need and who you talk to.  Generally, we can setup a basic 3 to 4 page site for around $350.  We charge $75 per hour for additional development, updates and maintenance. Minor text changes and updates are included in the annual fee. We recommend that you start with at least a Home page, an About Us page, a Contact page, and maybe a Services page.  Contact us for more details.  We'll help you get started.  

These are some sites we have designed and/or are currently hosting.

Web design tipsBefore you contact a web designer, make a list of what should and shouldn't be in your web page. We have listed a few things to think about before designing your web page.

Email services:  We also offer email accounts and email forwarding.  Contact us for pricing details.  If you register a domain name, you should use that name for your email address, even if you use another provider for your email.  Have you ever changed email providers and then been faced with the task of notifying everyone that has your old address, changing business cards, stationary, ads, etc.?  Not and easy task.  

Email forwarding allows you to always keep the same address and just change where your email is sent when you change providers.  Say you have email now at gmail.com and your email address is Frank@gmail.com.  We would setup email forwarding so that any email addressed to Frank@YourDomain.com is sent to your gmail address. Then you use Frank@YourDomain.com as your return address and on your business cards, etc.  Then someday you change providers and your email account changes to Frank@comcast.com.  We change the forwarding to send all your email to the comcast address and you just keep using Frank@YourDomain.com.   No one needs to even know you've changed.

No need to ever change your email address again.  Contact us for more information on email accounts or forwarding.


Network & Phone Wiring Systems


Home & Office Computer Networks

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