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England House Bed and Breakfast

Mike and I were in Flagstaff for Christmas visiting my brother and sister-in-law and we visited the old Pullen house.  It is still a bed and breakfast but it is now named "England House" after the original builder.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  Mike and I were there when Charles, Adavern, Chuck, Berta, Virginia and Jim stayed there but it is now owned by other people.  They have done a beautiful job restoring it and we thoroughly enjoyed talking to them about the house.  They extended an invitation to Charles and Adavern, Berta and Chuck, and Virginia to stay for free anytime so that they could talk to them about the house.  They've started an album of the history of the house including pictures of the Pullen kids in the late forties (I believe) and also a photo in 1958 with some of Charles' kids (I'd assume).  They have Grandpa Pullen's obituary and newspaper clippings about his group finding the Navy Cargo plane.  It was just thrilling to talk to them and see what a beautiful job they've done with the place.  I definitely think that all the Pullen kids should stay there.  Mike and I joined them for breakfast on the 29th and it was delicious.  Much better than when it was Lynn's Inn.  They said that they have been doing very well since they started their website which I was thrilled to hear since they have obviously invested so much in the home.  I have a lot more pictures but I don't want to overwhelm your computers. 

photoalbum2005.jpg (20218 bytes)  kitchen2005.jpg (23903 bytes)

I will send them one email at a time since I have dial-up and it will take forever.  That way you can look at the ones you want.  Look at the website to see the beautiful rooms and breakfast room.  The innkeepers have impeccable taste!


  Angie Bell  12/2/2006

England House History...


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