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 6th Grade Science Project

March 25, 2002


Here is a sample race chart (PDF) if you need help
setting up racing brackets for your Pack.

This is a nifty Excel spreadsheet Race chart for two lane tracks.  Enter each contestant's name and car number, the spreadsheet automatically sets up the races for you. You can print it out and take it to the races.  Or, if you have a computer at your races, you can enter the winners of each race and the spreadsheet will total the wins for you.  Some Packs use a projector to display the instant results for the audience.  You don't need to have a computer at the races.  Just print the chart at home and fill it out by hand during the races.

Tips on Running a Pinewood Derby for your Pack. (PDF handout)

More tips on How to Conduct a Pinewood Derby at

How to make Faster Pinewood Derby Cars (PDF handout) using our test results.   These speed tips are based on the science project conclusion.

Here are a few Treat Ideas for your Pinewood Derby.

Leaders: Make sure to hand out a copy of the Council rules when you hand out the car kits. You don't want the cars that win at the Pack level to be disqualified at the District and Council races because they don't meet the Council specifications.

Check the Catalina Council website in Tucson Arizona to find Pinewood Derby rules, race dates and locations.

The Catalina Council Pinewood Derby section of the Council website was here in 2018. It may move in the future. Seems to move year to year.

The Old Pueblo website is here in 2018. It also seems to move year to year.

  • Old Pueblo District Pinewood races
    When: Sat, March 3, 2018  (Time?)
    Where: ??

  • Catalina Council races will be on Saturday Mar 10, 2018 Time 9am to noon   at  ???????.  

Note: The Catalina Council website is often not up to date.  The location of the forms are sometimes hard to find.  I've included the following links here for your convenience.      

 (Copy of Forms on our website for convenience)
   Catalina Council 2018 rules (PDF)

As of this writing, I couldn't find any times or locations for the races.
Old Pueblo District Race times for 2014 (previous years). (PDF)

Other Recourses: 

Alans factory outlet has some history of Pinewood Derbies and links to other Pinewood tips.

Learn to Build a Winner by Stan Pope.

The Science of Fast Pinewood Cars takes a scientific look.

Maximum Velocity Pinewood Derby Car Building Tips. 
Speed Supplies, Kits, Tools, and More

Hodges Hobby House Pinewood Derby website.

Shape N Race Derby, by Darin McGrew Commercial tips and products to make your Pinewood Derby car a winner!  Over 400 products to help you Design and Build Your Pinewood Derby Car.

Scouter Network has lots of links to Pinewood Derby tips.
(This website is apparently no longer active.)

The Pack 146 Pinewood derby website has lots of Pinewood Derby information. (This website is apparently no longer active.)


We found several lane timers on the Internet.  The timer we picked is K3 Fast Track made by MicroWizard. It cost $195 in kit form in 2002.  It was $275 in 2008 for our second track.

Pinewood Derby Track plans from
Cub Leader How-to book 1996.

Sample Start GateSample Start Gate 2

More about our track...

Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Good Sportsmanship at the Pinewood Derby!


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