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Waas Reunion 2021 Photos and things... 
Forty-two attended the 2021 Reunion. (9 cousins and spouses, 17 kids of cousins and spouses, 16 grandkids.)  July 3rd 4th 2021

1st Biennial Reunion on Bennie's 90th birthday. 9/25/1984.  Fifty attended in Tucson, AZ.

2nd Biennial Reunion at Young's Farm, Dewey, AZ. 9/27/1986.  Forty-six attended.

3rd Biennial Reunion in Apple Valley CA, 6/25/1988. Seventy-seven attended.

4th Biennial Reunion in Fredonia KS, 6/16/1990.  Ninety attended.

5th Biennial Reunion in Flagstaff, AZ.  6/20/1992.  Seventy-One attended.

6th Biennial Reunion in Cedar Lodge, El Portal CA.  6/18/1994  Forty-eight attended.

7th Biennial Reunion on the Cumbers & Toltec RR, Chama NM. 7/6/1996.  Forty-five attended.

8th Biennial Reunion at North Manchester IN. 6/27/1998

9th Biennial Reunion in Pasadina, CA.  2000

10th Biennial Reunion at Kartchner Caverns, AZ.  2002

2021 Bennie Waas Reunion, at Kleffner Ranch, Helena, Montana.  7/3/2021

Frank and Sarah Waas - Family and Farm in Fredonia, Kansas

Memories from the Cousins. Apple Valley Reunion 1988

2002 Kartchner Caverns Waas reunion photos

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