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Pullen Consulting, Inc.

3662 W. Cromwell Dr.
Tucson, AZ  85741

(520) 579-1206


Keith's Morphs

From Concept to Completion
(Animated Gif)

(Animated Gif)



Trissa's Painting 2014
Watch the transition from beginning to end.

(Animated Gif)

(AVI movie) (YouTube)


C. W. Pullen 1943

W. C. Pullen 2007

Here is Weslin and his grandfather.

(Animated Gif)

Jamie (Mom)


(Animated Gif)

Graduation Picture 1973

40th Reunion 2013

(Animated Gif)

In the movie Ever After I thought the second stepsister looked like Mona Lisa. Since Leonardo da Vinci was featured in the film, I think the second stepsister was his inspiration for the famous painting. (In the movie, not in real life.) So what do you think? Just a coincidence, or did the movie makers plan it?

(Animated Gif)


Animations were done with FantaMorph. Pretty easy to use with a little practice.


Pullen Photo Albums
an assortment of pictures old and new.
(Including Kami's wedding album)

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